The Unfair Advantage: Part 2

I don’t do this much, nor have I specifically voiced some of these beliefs. But I’m going to speak to a familiar phrase I’ve used before.

My Unfair Advantage.

Let me begin.  Its nearly 2 years ago that I was writing a post as a thank you letter for my unfair advantage involving my entrepreneurial career.  And I will say that it’s catchy. My Unfair Advantage.  Everyone reads that and they want to know what makes my advantage so unfair that they can’t have it.  And of course, everyone wants to know. It’s addicting to our ever being.

And everyone, everywhere wants to know how to get it. But lets dissect this for a second.

We can all agree everyone is different.  We all have different motives and different aspirations for our lives.  We could have drastically different upbringings. Different jobs.  Paychecks.  And so on.

But the bridge between the “different” and getting to the unfair advantage comes down to one core thing.


So let’s think in the mind of how the Unfair Advantage would…

The daily thoughts.  Affirmations.  And of course, beliefs.

Side note: yes these are all conjured up by myself, hence why I think they’re the unfair advantage.  Lets begin…

  • I deserve to have nice things.
  • Money finds me easily.
  • I am loved and have so much love to give.
    I’m am always at the right place, at the right time, with the right people.
  • I love what I do while working with others that love what they do.
  • I have many great friends and fam that I surround myself with.
  • Big opportunities find me, continuously.
  • I meet and surround myself with people smarter than me and with whom I can learn from.
  • I can live anywhere I want to with my unlimited resources!
  • I genuinely care about people and get that back in return, tenfold.
  • People will tell a story of my smile…

So yes, these are just beliefs.  And may just look like sentences to some.  But the more you think and say them matter-of-factly, things start to change.  

It’s interesting.

And I may just end my note here.  As I think it’s important to leave before spelling it all out in Spaghetti O letters.  There’s something to be said of this Unfair Advantage…and yours.


(comments/beliefs welcomed)




A Note to Bikers.

Let’s talk about something I miss.  And yes.   I’ve missed blogging too.

But the true missipration.  Riding my bike, outside.


I think I’ve hit the mid Iowa winter funk and just miss picking up my bike and going for a spin all day on a Saturday.  And my favorite, no doubt is a solitary ride.   Just so much to slow down and see (even when your spinning 22/mph).  

There are so many great things that come to any biker’s mind while out on a ride.  Yet, the best times can be when there’s nothing on the radar.  Just a slate gray road ahead.   And every so often, the chance of crossing paths with a fellow biker ahead.  Thinking how both minds now have something to focus on, a quaint and quick hello.

 The shared passion of the slate gray.


A little Art never hurt nobody.

A little Art never hurt

It was just last week that I went to an open mic show where the Des Moines talent got to present whatever feeling, emotion and more so talent on stage for 10 minutes.

The best part about this open mic nite, the audience. Never had I been around such a diverse setting of people with a shared mindset. Being open to the strangers around us and cheering and sometimes gulping down the 10-minute fame or shame acts on stage.

While I was only an observer for the night, I quickly found myself enjoying the quirky entertainment, comedians, musicians and shy teenagers performing for the first time with their ‘rents’ in the crowd. But it got me to remind myself that I and many others need an Art channel to break up the daily grind.

A little Art never hurt nobody because…

  • It gives us a new perspective on something that might not be shown otherwise.
  • It allows our minds and self to connect to our inner self and more likely sharing it with someone else.  Sometimes this is by way of music, film, the raw beauty of a photo that only gets captured in our memory or the perfect cuisine meal ruled by the taste buds.  Oh, and bonus when you share it with a stranger.
  • It allows us to lose track of time and see the world on a different level.
  • More likely than not, we tend to cross paths with people we wouldn’t normally encounter or take notice of someone that was always nearby.

And lastly, it gets us to discover the opportunities that were always there paired with our new-found ideas.

The channels that Art leads us to are infinite and wondrously present.

What have you discovered lately?

A little Art never hurt nobody…